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REx-PN Course

Comprehensive Exam Training For Proficient Nurses In Canada, the United States, & Australia

The Regulatory Exam- Practical Nurse is a Canadian Practical Nurse exam that was developed by the College of Nurses of Ontario and the British Columbia College of Nurses and Midwives (BCCNM). It has been in effect since January 2022. For these regulatory bodies, this exam replaces CPNRE.

All applicants who wish to register as RPN/LPNs or LPNs in Ontario and BC have to write and pass REx-PN.

The test questions are administered using computerized adaptive testing (CAT) system. There are three rules that are considered for results: Maximum-Length Exam Rule, 95% Confidence Interval Rule, or Run-out–of-time Rule.

The REx-PN test plan contains detailed information about exam content and exam administration. It also includes item writing exercises.                              

The REx-PN passing standard is the threshold at which the minimum level of competence is established to ensure that newly licensed practical nurses can practice at the entry-level. They are regularly evaluated to ensure that they reflect current practices in nursing.

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What Can We Do To Help?

Proficient Nursing provides exam preparation training to help you pass REx-PN exam. The objective of this course is help you succeed:

This course id specifically designed for practical nurses with international education. It provides a thorough review of the core areas of nursing to help you ENSURE your success on the REx PN.

A Comprehensive Review of Core Subjects Including:

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Pass REx-PN Exam to Obtain Your RPN/ LPN License Quickly!